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Fashion Trends in 2020: Four Experts Share Their Opinions


As Vietnamese, we are living in a remarkable era, when the world regards our country as a “land of promise” for the global textile and garment industry. 

In 2019, Vietnam’s fashion market has welcomed a great deal of international brands in all segments. We’ve also witnessed a robust growth of numerous local brands. Some have defined their own style, while others are still in the making.

Meanwhile, on the global front, a large number of Vietnamese designers and fashionistas are working hard to represent Vietnam, making a remarkable stride on the international stage.

So how will Vietnamese fashion scene break through in 2020?

To answer that question in the most comprehensive way, we have reached out to 4 experts, namely Tom Trandt (Designer and Founder of Moi Dien), Co Hue Anh (CEO of HNOSS), Tee Truong (Founder and Producer of 102 Production), and Dzung Yoko (Creative Director of ELLE Magazine in Vietnam).

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