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2. POLICY for agent

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A. PURPOSE: Oli River’s agent policy was issued uniformly across the market to share and promote, cooperate on the basis of mutual benefits, respect the interests of the parties, and ensure the interests of the Agents. This policy prescribes the conditions, procedures and work related to the introduction and supply of fashion products of Oli River fashion through the agency system.

B. SCOPE OF APPLICATION: This policy applies to all Oli River Dealers across the market from January 1, 2020.


– Build long-term partnerships on the basis of a commitment to share goals.

– Cooperating on the basis of mutual benefits, mutual benefits and respect. – Regularly share information and get timely support.

– Commitment to maximum protection of the interests of Agents against market fluctuations.

D. AGENCY CLASSIFICATION: Agents are organizations / individuals that buy and resell Oli River products to customers.

– Level 1 agents: Level 1 agents are Oli River’s exclusive sales agents in the specified area with the store concept designed by Oli River. All operating procedures of a store trained by Oli River, systematically according to Oli River’s store rules.

– Level 2 agents: Level 2 agents are Oli River’s exclusive non-sales agents, the store concept is designed by Agents. Every store operation process is decided by the Agent.

– Distribution agents: Distributor is an intermediary connecting the Oli River Group Joint Stock Company with customers or other agents. E. POLICY FOR AGENTS OF OLI RIVER:

– Revenue of 2 billion or more: enjoy 75% of the ck on the list price (applied to level 1 agents)

– Turnover from 1 billion – 1.7 billion ck 65% of the listed price (applied to Level 1 Agents)

– Revenue from 500 million – under 1 billion VND: ck 60% of the listed price. (Applies to Level 2 Agents)

– Revenue from 300 million to less than VND 500 million is entitled to 55% of the listed price. (applicable to Distributors) F. EXCHANGE, PAYMENT AND TRANSPORT OF GOODS

– Exchange goods: Within 7 days from the date of invoice, the Dealer will be exchanged a new product if the product is determined to be in fault of Oli River. In case of no exchange, Oli River will be responsible for maximum support Agents to solve the problem in the best way.

– Return the goods: In the case of goods and prices not in accordance with the purchase agreement, the Agent has the right to return the goods to Oli River. The delivery is made within 7 days from the date of invoice and signed the delivery note.

– Sample display and test goods: The dealer will be allowed to borrow samples for display and testing of new product lines launched or when the dealer opens / opens a new business location as agreed with Oli River. Please contact Oli River directly when the Agent needs it.

– Transport of goods: Dealers are supported full cost (level 1 agents), or part of the costs (level 2 agents / distribution agents) to transfer Oli River goods directly to the place of sales of the agents He is also responsible for the quality of goods shipped from Oli River’s warehouse to the delivery point of the agent.


– T/T,

Information for payment:

  • Ngo Thi Quynh Giang.
  • No: 0421000419024.
  • Vietcombank.

– L/C

Known as a documentary credit or bankers commercial credit, or letter of undertaking (LoU), is a payment mechanism used in international trade to provide an economic guarantee from a creditworthy bank to an exporter of goods. Letters of credit are used extensively in the financing of international trade, where the reliability of contracting parties cannot be readily and easily determined. Its economic effect is to introduce a bank as an underwriter, where it assumes the counterparty risk of the buyer paying the seller for goods

3. privacy customer security policy

This Policy applies to the use of “individual customer information,” meaning, information about specific customers. Generally, information that does not reveal a customer’s identity is not considered to be individual customer information.

Information Collection and Use

Oli River obtains and uses individual customer information for business purposes only. We obtain information about our customers that helps to provide them with Oli River services. This information may also be used to protect customers, employees and property against fraud, theft or abuse; to conduct industry or consumer surveys; and to maintain good customer relations.

However, we do use individual customer information internally for our own general marketing and planning purposes. Unless we have your consent, such information is combined into aggregations that do not include individual customer identities. Under certain circumstances, we are required by law to disclose the aggregated information to other companies, but in such cases customer identities are not included.

Disclosure of Individual Customer Information

Oli River allows customers to control how and if Oli River discloses individual information about them to other persons or entities, except as required by law or to protect the safety of customers, employees or property.

Subject to legal and safety exceptions, Oli River will share individual customer information only with persons or entities outside the company when the customer has consented to such action, or when we have advised the customer of the opportunity to “opt-out” (to choose not to have the information disclosed). We are required to provide directory publishers with listings information — name, address and phone number — for purposes of publishing and delivering directories. Persons can ask to not be published in directories and/or directory assistance. However, if Oli River enters into a merger, acquisition, or sale of all or a portion of its assets, a customer’s personally identifiable information will, in most instances, be transferred as a part of the transaction. In addition, we may, where permitted by law, provide information to credit bureaus, or provide information and/or sell receivables to collection agencies, to obtain payment for Oli River billed products and services.

Information Management and Security

All Oli River employees are responsible for safeguarding individual customer communications and information. Oli River requires Oli River personnel to be aware of and protect the privacy of all forms of customer communications. Oli River makes clear that employees who fail to follow this Privacy and Customer Security Policy will face disciplinary action, which can include dismissal. All employees are trained regarding their responsibilities to safeguard customer privacy.

Oli River strives to ensure that information we have about our customers is accurate, secure and confidential, and to ensure that our employees comply with our privacy policy. We uses safeguards to increase data accuracy and to identify and authenticate the sources of customer information.

We encourage our employees to be proactive in implementing and enforcing the Oli River Privacy and Customer Security Policy. If employees become aware of practices that raise privacy concerns, they are encouraged to report them to their supervisors as soon as reasonably possible.

Compliance with Laws and Public Policy Participation

Oli River complies with all applicable privacy laws and regulations. Customer and policymaker perceptions of privacy have changed over time and will continue to do so. Changes in technology can also alter what is appropriate in protecting privacy. Laws may change accordingly. We will regularly examine and update for Privacy and Customer Security Policy in necessary.

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