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News, trends and fashion in licensed products

Kids fashion trends winter 2021

Written by Cerdá Group | Oct 12, 2021 7:12:00 AM

Which is going to be the kids fashion trending color this winter?

You may want to ask what kids’ fashion trends are and why the kids are so happy about these trends. Kids are a natural lover of anything good, regardless of their knowledge on most situations. Trending colors the kids thirst for are RED, BLACK, RED-YELLOW and PINK.

Kids fashion trends this winter: trending materials

The trending materials for kids include:

  • Sequin: This is a small piece of shiny material used to decorate clothing. This is a textile trend that is welcomed by children. These kids love sparkles and being able to come up with fantastic design to a textile so much appeal to them.
  • Glitter and metallic colors: Away from sequin, these materials make clothes more sparkly.
  • Grey Mélange: Every textile this winter has a trendy shade of grey called a grey mélange.
  • Striped cotton: Cotton is a major material in clothes. This will find a lot of use in winter to make clothes with a navy design.

In order to boost your sales, it is important to have your store decorated with textiles made from these materials. This will largely draw customers to your store and gain the loyalty of those that frequents you.

Patterns and prints which are going to be a kids fashion trend

  • Travel Sleepyhead Set: This reactive print has the character, Spiderman, printed on polyester. The full package has a sleeping mask, stocking that has designs over jacquard with anti-slippery dots at the back, and a blanket.
  • Gift Set Metallic Box: Another pattern highly coveted by kids is the gift metallic box full of design which houses soft velvet plush with sublimation printing and a blanket with reactive print. The character in print are marvel characters
  • Soft Flannel Blanket: this is a flannel fleece with Mickey as the character on an “all over water print” on polyester.
kids fashion trends
  • Clothes with messages: At Cerdá, we designed and are still designing T-shirts with trending characters such as Mickey Mouse. This design was made due to calls and requests from customers.
  •  All-Over-Print: The name is already suggestive of what the design looks like. This trending print repeats itself across the entire piece of the textile or cloth. Similar designs like Minnie, Marvel Comics, Vampirina and Mickey T-shirts have been made by Cerdá with All-Over-Print.

Kids fashion trends in licensing products

Cerdá group has a track record of over 30 years in the licensed product sector. With licensed products from Cerdá you will attract customers and make your business profitable! Why? Because we keep track of the trends to design, manufacture and distribute products related to trendy licenses.

kids fashion trends winter
  • Disney classics still remain a trend almost after a century Mickey Mouse appeared on film and Steamboat Willie became the icon of Disney. Cerdá sees Mickey and Minnie trending once again and we can see them in clothes wanted by kids, teens and even adults.
  • The Lion King, remade and directed by Jon Favreau in July 2019, and since then the characters are trendy once again. Paw Patrol movie and new Minion movie that will premiere soon are must-watch movies, so they will be trending this winter as well.

At Cerdá group, we endeavor to stay one step ahead of the rest of the licensed companies, and we will be one of the first to make products similar to the L.O.L Surprise dolls. A fandom has emerged around this character, and its fans will also want to have clothes with these characters.

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